15th August 2017


Speech: teen suicide and self harm.

Pain, rejection, being unloved, victimization and loss, A cause for self harm. Feeling hopeless and helpless; Suicidal. Teenagers feeling that they are trapped in a world where they think that they are alone, no one who understands, no one that you feel you can talk to that can take away anything, Or… everything. I have asked people, most said that their teenage years were the happiest, adventurous and best years of their lives. So why not this now?What makes these teenagers feel this way. now, I am here today to explain and tell you about teen self harm and suicides and how serious it is and to grow you knowledge on this topic.

New zealand at the moment has the highest teen suicide rate developed in the world, and this isn’t just new news, New Zealand has constantly been ranked amongst the world’s worst teenage suicide countries. Now discovering this i was shocked. This made me think of why? what has caused the teens in our country to feel this way about life? the definition of self harm is when a person is hurting them self purposefully, they are not causing long term damage like death but is usually emotional problems and pain they feel that causes them to hurt them self.

It’s hard to understand the minds and emotions of people that are suicidal or that self harm. I watched a video on facebook of someone interviewing people that have tried to take their lives and i found it very interesting. One of the questions asked was “why did you try to kill yourself” and he laughed, paused and said… “gosh, where do i start”. He explained that he had got a lot of hate from people that he thought were his friends. This made me try to relate it back to the new Zealand teen public. New zealand has the second highest bulling rate in the world. I believe that this could be one of the factors that is affecting the confidence and happiness of our young people.

There are many many small and big problems but I think that what causes upset teens is social media. In the world we are living in today we are surrounded by phones, laptops, computers and smart watches. Teengers have been brought up in this unlike their parents before. So it is very very common to see young kids on social media sights, we have been growing up scanning through apps looking at the perfect people with amazing lives and amazing bodies. So of course that will have a side effect of how we look at ourselves and our lives i know for a fact because well I have. I am not here to tell you my story but other teenagers that things like bullying and social media have caused them to think of themselves as worthless. Suicidal People and people that self harm do not show it, and that makes it harder for them to find help. They may be embarrassed and don’t know how to tell someone or they don’t think others need to know. Depression is the main killer. Causes for depression are major life changes, your past, ongoing challenges and trauma.

Teen self harm and suicide is a growing problem in New zealand, and the growing use of social media and bullying causing depression. My advice. Anyone could Feel this way at any point in their life no matter what situation they are in. You do not have the right to judge someone even though we all have, you may not know what they have done in their past or how they were treated or something that has happened. Be Kind, respectful and caring. There is no point to add pain to someone already drowning.

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