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My name is Freya Moore, I am Year 12 and attend Mount Aspiring College. I write this to apply for the position of Beauty Therapist. Beauty and makeup has been a big part of my life since I was a little one. As a little toddler rummaging through mothers makeup and getting all dolled up in her clothes, thinking I looked like the prettiest girl on earth, photo evidence now that can prove me wrong for that. Ever since I was little I have had a a burning desire to be part of the Beauty Industry. My skills develop everyday as I learn new techniques and skills, with my own equipment that is ever growing; Discovering knowledge on a daily basis about the best products and latest hottest hair trends.

I find that I am a sociable person able to work in busy situations but also maintaining the job and pursuing it until I am 100% satisfied with my work. In previous jobs I was able to stay very positive even when doing the jobs that are the ones no one wants to volunteer for. I feel like makeup is an important way of being able to express your personality. being able to be bold or subtle with your makeup. I love being able to create an artwork on someones face, gives me such pleasure when the client/customer is just as happy as I am about it. I feel that this is my way of expressing my creativeness.

I think I could be an asset to the team at MAC Beauty because I enjoy working with people and think that I can bring a different more creative outlook to the Beauty Industry. I am a very bubbly person and am not afraid to go the extra mile to make sure that the customer is happy and is impressed with the work I have displayed. I am also very excited to grow my knowledge with you and contribute my ideas with everyone and learn more and more. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Freya Moore.


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