12th February 2018

Bridget: Hi (abbreviation) Amy!
Amy: screams (sound effect), Hi guys.
Bridget: Hi Shanae, What are you doing?!
Shanae: I am at school
Amy: Same!
Bridget: Me too!! (punctuation for effect)
Amy: I think I do? (non sense) 
Bridget: Hi Freya!
Freya: Heyyyy (repeated letters for emphasis)
Amy: I think I just peed
Bridget: laughs(Para-lingustic)
Freya: What’re (Contraction) you guys upto?
Amy: coughs (Para-linguistic Feature) I’ve got a cold
Bridget: I (have – commission) got itchy eyebrow! What do you have? looks at Shanae
Shanae: I like bike riding and walking my dog
Bridget: Oh thats nice
Amy: I like the sun..shine
Bridget: I got sweaty armpits
All laughs (Para-lingustic)
Bridget: So how long?
Freya: Sing a song!
Amy: I, I really needa (abbreviation) pee so is it gonna keep going?
Freya: Five more seconds
Amy: oh um (verbal filler)
Bridget: Big Shaq
Amy: The one and only
Bridget: laughs(Para-lingustic)

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